• I don’t have experience in the healthcare or diagnostic sector. Can I become a Medall franchisee?

    Yes. You can become a Medall franchisee even if you haven’t had any experience in the healthcare, diagnostic, or medical sector. With our training and guidance, you will be able to manage and operate your franchise.

  • Do you have any training programs for franchisees?

    We have developed extensive training programs for our franchisees. The training process begins before setting up the unit and continues during the course of Operations. At Medall, training and learning is an ongoing process. We have modules for both franchise owners and staff. We conduct these sessions at our in-house training facility, our franchise centers, and online. They will include modules on Operations, Business Administration, Information Technology and Center Management Training. We might also have some routine training sessions every six months, which will depend on the requirement.

  • What sort of support do you offer franchisees?

    We have a number of support modules for our franchisee partners: a. Pre-opening support to the franchisee will include center set-up and operational and administration training for the franchise owner and the staff b. Provision of marketing material, consumables (syringes, vaccutainers, tubes, cotton, etc), branding material, and logistics support c. Post-opening training programs, based on need, to develop and upgrade the competencies of our franchise partners.

  • How will I build a doctor network?

    You, as the franchise owner, will be required to build a doctor network in your area of operation. If you have a flair for marketing and sales, it should be easy to develop and manage your unit’s ‘doctor network’. As a brand, Medall will provide you with the support to serve your network efficiently.

  • Can I set up a Medall franchise in a place that is different from my current residence?

    The proposed franchise unit space has to fit our site evaluation criteria. Beyond this, as long as the distance does not hamper your management of the franchise center, you can set up a unit at your proposed location. Ideally, the location should be easy to manage and at a convenient distance to you so that your travel time is not high. Remember, peak business hours are from 6 am to 9 am (mornings) and from 5 pm to 7 pm (evenings).

  • Will Medall offer manpower recruitment support to franchise units?

    We will help you, the franchise owner, in the recruitment and the staffing of your unit. It is your responsibility to manage your staff after that since you are going to interact with them on a daily basis and you will be in the best position to do so. There might be a nominal fee which Medall charges for this service.

  • How will I operate my unit when my employee is on leave?

    Managing day-to-day operations is your prime responsibility. We may provide some help in terms of recruiting manpower initially, but we expect you to manage the unit’s daily operations. We can help you identify staffing companies in your area and you could hire temporary substitutes when your employee is on leave. There might be a nominal fee which Medall charges for this service.

  • How is your franchise model different from competitors?

    Our franchise model is quite different from models being currently offered by various brands: i. We set up the franchise center on a turnkey basis and the franchisee can start operating the center from day one. ii. Our extensive training program for our franchise partners and their staff include all aspects of business and center management. iii. Our support for marketing, processes, infrastructure, consumables, logistics, and consumer servicing is world class. iv. We do not see franchising as another source of revenue, but as an extension of Brand Medall.

  • What is unique about your offering?

    We have several selling points that would help our franchise owners: a. Strength of the Medall brand in the local area b. Medall’s relationship with doctors in your area c. World-class infrastructure d. Excellent record of customer service e. All health-related diagnostic services made available under one roof

  • Can I become a Medall franchisee if I am, or someone in my family is, already running a collection center or a competitor center?

    No. However, if you want to convert your existing franchise center to a Medall Franchise unit, we will consider your application.

  • I have a space ready in a prime location. Can I become a franchisee?

    We will have to evaluate the site against our criteria and run a feasibility study of your business plan . If your case fits our criteria, we may take it forward.

  • Can I take up more than one franchise unit?

    Yes. We will evaluate your application against our criteria if you wish to take up more than one unit. You will also have to assure us about how you plan to manage and operate your proposed units.

  • Can I just own the franchise unit and not get involved in daily operations?

    That might be difficult, as currently, we are only looking for people who will be involved in the business on a daily basis.

  • I have money; can I become a franchisee?

    We have a very detailed form called the Expression of Interest Form (EOI form) that needs to be filled in as the first step (link to Contact Us page). We will evaluate the applications based on the information provided in the EOI form. Primarily, we require people who will be involved in daily operations and center management. Some qualities we are looking in the franchisees are a passion to serve the community and grow the business, integrity, optimism, and a willingness to learn quickly and work hard.